He has a lot of poise.

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Conoce a los singles de more sin compromiso alguno.

He likes to talk of love. He got ahead of me. Put out the light. He lent me 30 pesos. He can hardly walk. They soon became friends. Yes, darling. He's very studious. Tighten this screw.

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¿Dónde empezar?

Don't be a jackass! Put pasado the light. How much do you bet? Hurry up, child!

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He got very depressed after his failure. The lights went pasado. The train began to move. From now on we'll have to spend less money. I second the motion. He found himself in a tight spot. I don't approve of his conduct. I do it because I take a notion to. He dislikes me.

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We took a long hike up to the summit. He was surprised by the sudden appearance of his friend. I don't like his looks. Don't be a jackass!

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Lo hago porque se me antoja. It gets dark at five now. Don't get off while the vehicle's in motion. This street used to have another name. He didn't win the prize, but he came close to it. The year before last we went to Europe.

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They soon became friends. From now on we'll have to spend less money. The jockey fell right by the rail. He didn't show up. Dice a todo amén.

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